Kivalo outdoor gear are designed for active dogs who love to spend their time in nature throughout the year.

Designed in Finland, these practical and functional equipment offer the chance to enjoy your free time and an active lifestyle with your dog regardless of the weather. Every item has been designed with a few principles in mind: Kivalo products are easy to put on, adjustable and allow the dog to use their natural range of movement while they remain protected from the elements.

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Kivalo Luppo Midlayer Warmer Jacket

A soft and warm midlayer that can be used alone or under another jacket to give some extra warmth to dogs who feel cold easily. Reflective stripes in the back. Adjustable high collar that protects the dog’s neck from cold.

Colour: Lichen (grey)

Sizes: 35-70 cm

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Kivalo Luosto Winter Jacket

A warm and comfortable winter jacket that protects the dog against freezing temperatures, snow, wind and rain. Designed to cover the big muscle groups and keep the dog warm, while allowing for extended range of motion when the dog is running or playing.

Colours Snag (grey), Twinflower (pink), Brook (petrol blue)

Sizes: 35-70 cm

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A fully waterproof raincoat made of raincoat fabric. This lightweight and well-fitting jacket is an essential choice for dogs in rainy, windy or muddy weather. Reflective patterns provide extra safety for evening walks.   

Colours Buttercup (yellow), Rock (grey).

Sizes: 35-70 cm

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Lightweight and breathing windbreaker jacket that is perfect for windy or rainy weather. Easily adjusted to comfortably fit dogs of different builds. Reflective patterns provide extra visibility in the dark.   

Colour: Cloudberry (orange)

Sizes: 35-70 cm

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Kivalo KAAMOS and kajo reflective vests

Kivalo Kaamos and Kivalo Kajo offer your dog high visibility and safety outdoors. These reflective vests are easy to put on and lightweight, allowing for free movement. Kaamos is a all-round reflective vest for outdoor activies, while Kajo is designed especially for hunting dogs, signaling the direction of the dog.

Sizes: XS-3XL

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Warm winter booties that protect paws against cold, snow and harsh surfaces. Easy to put on and  comfortable to wear. A must-have for dogs with sensitive paws!  

Colour: Grey

Sizes: XS- XL

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